"How does one stay seductive..." italic serif from Women's Wear Daily ad

From an ad in Women's Wear Daily...

Help ID!




It's a Garamond, but which one...?

Adobe Caslon with alternates comes close. How old is the sample?

"aster twenty-sive years?"

Please tell me that isn't what the 'f' looks like.

- Lex

Ahh, nice catch. That leads me to believe we're looking at a new sample set by someone who isn't quite informed about the long-s.

Thanks for the ID... Yeah, this was an ad last week in Woman's Wear Daily. I noticed the erroneous 'S' as well.... Maybe they thought it would "look cool" not realizing they were misspelling a word.

The possible hint here might be that it's a font with a lousy "f".
Either that or it's actually talking about a bunch of female Irish heavenly bodies.


> The possible hint here might be that it’s a font with a lousy “f”.

Nope, like Lex pointed out, someone who can't tell a long s from an f. :^P