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Logo Work Review


I am having a go at my first logo and was wondering if I could get some feedback on what I have so far.

Background: The logo is for a gay pride merchandise company that wanted to avoid the traditional gay themed symbols (triangle, lambda, etc.)because the products are not traditional. (i.e. rainbow-themed)Key words were; unique,fun, friendly, creative.

I'd appreciate your feedback.

The attached image contains the (rough) original form, print version with colors, and the web version.


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Is it supposed to read MW? If it is I found it a little hard to read, however that is not the prime purpose of a logo. Where the outside and inside curves meets the horizontal there is an abrupt change and the interior curves need work to appear equal, the tip of the left and right-most interior curves appear lower than the others, this is getting confusing to describe I hope I make some kind of sense. I prefer the solid version at the moment although I find it a bit heavy overall.


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I first looked and thought it looked like a logo for a railway network.

Then I read your blurb and the logo looks strikingly like a pair of buttocks.