type on scales used by nurse in movie Awakenings

Bit of a weird one. From the film Awakenings with Robin Williams. The font that is displayed on the scales that the nurse uses to measure medicine, it's really nice, but I don't have a sample!


I know it's tough one but if anyone had the dvd???!!!

You're lucky that this movie was shown in the UK a few weeks ago and I still had it recorded on the Toppy... surely it's not this???

YEAH!!! thank you so much for your effort, I too saw it a few weeks ago and this scene flashed past. I just for a second seen the mg and thought it looked quite nice. I still do like the 'g'. What's your view? Any idea what it is?

Thanks again for this.


I think this is going to turn out to be one of the device specific typefaces that can be engraved by machine.


Check the offerings at Lineto -- they have a number of faces in this vein, such as Gravur Condensed: