A sans that plays nice with Clarendon?

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I'm using Clarendon at 64 points and need a sans that reads well and looks good at 20, 14, and 10pts on page that has huge Clarendon. This is for a photographer's website, not a print piece, by the way.

I don't normally use images as text when I make websites, this time I'm making an image heavy rather than a copy heavy site and feel the look is more important, so I'll be using image text.

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If it's for a website why don't use a times or an arial ?

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Nobody is a bigger advocate of accessibility than I am, but this is for a photographer's portfolio, times and arial don't meet my needs.

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I've always thought that Helvetica looked reasonably good with Clarendon. They share a similar underlying structure.

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If it has to be a web font you have to choose between : Arial, Times, Courrier, Georgia, Geneva and Verdana.

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Are you setting the text as html or as an image?

I think Avenir and Gotham both would go nicely with Clarendon's roundness but not for html.

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I'll be using images everywhere except the "about" page, which will be the only copy heavy page, anyway. I'm only looking to set about twelve words in this font, so using a picture is fine.

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Image texts are really annoying on a website, especially when you want to copy some informations so what you can do is to use css code which says that if someone hasn't the first typography it swaps to the following one, for exemple :

{font-family: Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif}

This way users that has a mac and those who bought Helvetica can see it and the others will see Arial.

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I've used Trade Gothic with Clarendon. I especially like how the "Extended" fonts go with it.

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