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Long time since this:

Since my first font i have build lots of "pseudo" typefaces, read and saw lots of typohile threads.

This is a new font i'm building, that I want to use for a new brand. (Custom type). I've just spend a few hours in Freehand and Fontlab, so this is a "work in progress". I wish to create a light version, and a bold. (i'm affraid of the italic).

I'm sad because i've printed some 9/12pt samples, and this isn't readable. Help me! :-)

I would like to hear your comments. Thanks a lot.aura im 01aura im 2

application/pdfaura text sizes
aura corpus test.pdf (3.4 k)

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This is too modular, light and tight to be very readable.
Are you sure it shouldn't just be a display face? It would work nicely as such.

BTW, it looks like the font didn't embed right into the PDF.


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Have some problems when embed my .otf tyefaces in documents. Need to solve that. Sorry.


poetry test_reviewed.pdf (491.5 k)

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What Hrant said.
Also, there are some formal incoherencies, that I find disturbing. For example, uppercase and lowercase doesn't seem to work together, they look different things.

And just FYI, Rub

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I give aura

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I need to try a condensed version too

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I do not remember very well but I believe the last Ruben Fontana's font was named "Aura" as well...

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Yeap! It's "Aura". At this moment is being used in the body of "Tipografica" magazine:
Check it out:

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Thanks Ramiro (and Eduardo)!

Before post some improvements of "ex-aura", i decided to change the name to Augumentin

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how about ala™? I think the name matches the font. It's a portuguese word but still...

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i'm trying to finish a beta version to present my wife. (Birthday 7 March, 30 years)

Her name is Ana...
Ala? maybe... there is some relation...thanks...need to think about that!

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Personally, I like it.

I'd start by redrawing the 'c' and 'e' to be more in line with the shape of the other letters.


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So, is it Aura? Or Ala? Any Progress on this font Ricardo:-)

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