(x) headline & body font Wired magazine spread - custom fonts by H&FJ {Chris Keegan}

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My girlfriend has to recreate this ad for a school project (she's learning InDesign). I'm not the best at identifying fonts, but I'm sure someone here knows what they are.

Looking for the headline (I believe the subhead is the same) and body font.

http://www.rosem.com/work/random/font1.jpg -


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I thought Wired used the Freight family but I'm not sure about this sample. Anyone?

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The fonts are custom designed by Hoefler & Frere-Jones for Wired. (Look at the last comment).

*More Info Here

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damn :)

can anyone think of a font that is somewhat similar?


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Stalemate by Stefan Hattenbach has a similar appearance.

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In their new redesign, they've ditched the colophon that they used to have, unfortunately.

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The H&FJ fonts identified in the link that Chris provided include 'Exchange', which is the body type they designed for the Wall Street Journal. I would suggest Berling as an alternative to Exchange. It has many of the same structural attributes in certain key letters.

I thought Myriad could be fairly close to the heading Sans type, but you might need to tweak the width. At least it's something you might be likely to have already.

- Mike Yanega

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Thanks for the input and suggestions everyone. The alternate fonts every suggested worked great for the assignment.

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