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Starting a new company logo

Hi all,
I am new on here and this is my first post. I have been tasked with designing a new logo for our company. The company is currently called National Polytunnels and has a logo. The logo etc wansn't designed by myself and I personally hate them. The good news is that the company has moved in new directions (pitched roof buildings and canpopies for Garden centres and the retail industry). The old logo and company name doesnt cut it anymore and after lots of meeting with the MD he has now agreed that I can have a go at designing a new logo based on the name National Structures.

I have been playing around with Ideas for some time and have listed the things that I need ed to look at to get me started.

1. What is the main buisiness core / Manufacture & instalation of steel framed buildings.
2. How do they acheive this / Initial site visit and structure design, steelwork and material manufacture, construction on site.
3. Target group / Garden centre's, retail industry, schools etc

The MD also wants to move away from the old style altogether and has said "start with a clean sheet"

Here is the old logo for National Polytunnels. I added the word Structures to it for recent advertising just to try and feed the name in a little. The original logo was done by the MD.

As I have a blank canvas I am struggling to get started as there are so many options here. Any suggestions??

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Look at the product, the nuts and bolts (no pun intended) of steel framed building and the finished product, take pictures.
Look at competitor’s logos (to see what has already been done).
Sketch out ideas on paper and refine them.
Does it have to include an image, will type do the job better on its own?
Look at colours.
Look at structures, natural or manufactured, that provide covering.
Define what you don’t like about the old logo.
Define what you want a new logo to do, where it should go (stationery, vehicle livery, boards etc).

These are in no particular order, the key is to define your aim and reduce/refine your options.