(x) "Dream" comic book font - Dreamer DD {Sean Glenn}

I was looking at the Type Director’s Club new Annual and found a typeface called (I think) Dream, which looked like hand-lettered comic book type, with a variety of weights. Does anyone know where I can buy it?


There’s lots of those at Comicraft and Blambot.

I think that font is from Dreamer Studio, the guys who do lettering for Warlands, etc.



The second is the link to buy the font.

Awright, good one Sean! Tell us Robert, did he nail it?

One hundred and fifty bucks is a pretty steep price for a
single weight of hand lettered comic book font methinks. :/

Not only that, but they’ve buried their font buying thing so deep on the web, probably the only people who would buy that face are folks who didn’t know that ComicCraft does better work for cheaper.