(x) NYTimes Style Mag skinny condensed serif display font - Giorgio {Stephen}

This was in the Men's Spring 2007 T magazine of the NYTimes, in several editorial pictorials. Anyone know what this condensed serif font is? I'd appreciate any help (and forgive me if this has been posted already - I did a search but couldn't find a thread on it). Thanks in advance!


Fellow Typophiles ~

As I am new to this forum I can't seem to find where this quasi-Corvinus type sample appears. If you'all can direct me to it I can once and for all identify it as one of mine or something similar.

I would have posted earlier but I just found this sight a couple of days ago

May the Type be with You; and with Your Posting ~~~

Dennis Ortiz-Lopez aka Siynn bar-Diyonn

Did I say "... I found this SIGHT...?" I meant to type "site" but as I am half-asleep, I type: such as life presents itself ~~~

I think it's Corvinus Versailles by Dennis Ortiz-Lopez.

Close, but not quite. It's Giorgio another font inspired by Irme Reiner's Corvinus.

Do I remember this originally being a Bauer or Neufville face?
If so, no proper crediting on the part of Dennis Ortiz-Lopez?


Unfortunately, he doesn't always credit his sources.

You guys are good. But I knew that going in. Thanks!

I agree it's Giorgio, but if you are looking something pretty close that you can buy, consider Keyboard which comes in three weights.

- Mike Yanega