FYI -- Why I've been gone!

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Finally coming up for air after launching several major web projects. Nothing too interesting type-wise, probably enough for some rounds of bashing. Bash away friends!

Complete redesign of GM Certified Used Vehicles site:

Just for FUN! An interactive racing game for Embarq Microsite (click on "Man the Van"):

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Excuses, excuses. Tsk, tsk...I don't know how to tell you this Norbert...but looks like you need to start over! ;)

edit: I will probably get myself in trouble playing this game at work! Cool stuff!

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Hmmm.... only 129 posts and I can beat Hrant again?
What's happened to you guys, slacking off since I've been gone?

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That’s a great web design. You did an excellent job combining a slick contemporary look with cool flash stuff while keeping the information carefully laid out and accessible.

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Good to have you back. I took a hiatus myself, due to school work.

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Love the website and the game. I'm impressed, Norbert!


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Thanks... it took a small army of creatives, programmers and flash ninjas working together. The old adage held true, "If anything can go wrong, it will!" and it did.

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So what we really care about is: are you back for real now?


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> are you back for real now?
The big question is am I real to begin with?

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