Mirror or Archive of linesandsplines.com?

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I was following some typography links that I had saved years before, when I ran into a dead-end at the long defunct but always spectacular http://linesandsplines.com. Did anybody out there save an archive of the site?

I'd be indebted forever to anyone who did. By that I mean I'll get you something nice at Veer or something.


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Will you get me something nice at Lineto? I kid. Sadly, I don't have an archive of L&S. But archive.org does have a cache of Crewdson's New Series:


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Yes! I love the internets.

LineTo lists their prices in hundreds of CHFs. I dunno what CHFs are, but I don't think I have hundreds of them :0)

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The archives for lines and spines does exist. Last I heard from Andy he still has it. I do as well, but in print only, and not certain exactly where it may be!!!

Andy went AWOL awhile back. Not certain how to get in touch with him.


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