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I love to express how much I hate certain fonts, but I've never done one myself until now. I can now say I hate my "c", my "s", the dot on my "i", the kerning and the belly of the "b" and "p". I also strongly dislike the "a", and don't really enjoy the general widths of the typography. But I think this could be a very nice thing if worked out correctly. I tried to stick to certain principles, but the result is less than satisfying. Now is your turn to critique it, but I'd prefer some constructive criticism :P

cheers, and thanks!

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Hi .rob

the weight of the font varies too much, the f is too thick, i reckon.
if the b and p will stay this way the q will get weird as it is now.

i kinda like the little pointy things, in a weird way but maybe they all should follow the direction of the letter as a sort of stroke-end



ps. is this a display font?

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I like the idea, I think it has a lot of potential. Here's some thoughts, though (in no particular order).

The k looks almost tilted or bent due to the changing proportions of the different elements.

I agree on your i and j, you need a new dot. maybe a rectangle like so...

I like the proportions of the q best, maybe mirror that for the a,b,d and p?

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thanks for your feedback! I was originally aiming to make it a very light font, for both print and display, but I found out the serifs were really tough to do with that. I'll try to make some progress with the intention of releasing it as a CC font. Any thoughts regarding that?


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