Bling Bling "B" object

Dear all,

In a recent thread, I saw this picture (I also saw an “E“). The letter look custom to me but just in case I'm wrong, please don't hesitate to correct me by naming that font. Thanks in advance for your help.




Please provide an image or a link to the referenced thread, there's not enough information to understand what you're talking about.

I can't attach the picture…

I can't attach the picture, I get this message: “Could not copy image. Error”.

Is a thread here on Typophile? copy and paste the address. If you want to upload an image you have to copy and save the image to your hard drive then upload it using the Insert Image link below.

Dear Asvetic & Bald Condensed,

Thanks for your help, I obviously must have done something wrong. I think i'ts ok now, hope you can help.



I think this letter shape was custom designed for this object. Have you seen Eclat or Radio yet?

It looks like it may have been James Brown's belt buckle :)

It appears to be one of several variant characters for Stymie Black Flair, at least according to the Stiebner/Huber Schriftatlas.

Thanks for your ID oldnick, I unfortunately don't own this book and can't find a digital version of the Flair style.
Also thank you Bald Condensed for your replacment proposals.
FYI, an artist asked me to search a font for a painting with the words “BLING BLING”. Finally, he has settled for a college-like font with 3D massive effect.