Pulp Fantasy Cover ID Needed

This is from a Lin Carter book published in 1971. It's used a few times on the cover, so I am assuming it's not hand drawn. Anyone?


It's shown in Rookledge's International Typefinder as Trooper Black. I can't find a website that offers a digital version.

Funny how often Trooper is appearing on the board lately. Usually this happens with new fonts or a very widespread use of an old typeface, but these instances seem random.

Caslon Black
Caslon Graphique

I wonder if the designer of Trooper's goal was a compact Perpetua Bold

Shoot! I figured Precision Type or Opti would have digitized it back in the day.

It's so hard to find good condensed black serif fonts that have personality.

Sean Glenn
Art Director

toledo sounds similar too.(Maybe the same as one of those you mentionned?

Delevan from Font Bank is in the same style too, but neither is quite as condensed.

Actually, I take that back, Toledo is a good match.

Sean Glenn
Art Director

Paratype has a version called Troover. Looks like you would have to fiddle with the spacing a lot to match your sample.

And one more: http://www.paratype.com/pstore/fonts/Troover.htm
Which is kinda quite the same as trooper.

EDIT: Ooops, I should have read up:D My bad.

Good condensed black serif fonts that have personality:

FF Absara Headline
FF Quadraat Display
Times Modern
Swift Condensed
Galena Condensed
Belwe Condensed
Weiss Condensed

All but Absara Headline (too new) were found via TypeNav, which was made for this type of search.