Insert witty "name that font" comment here

help with this one! pretty please…

Name that font!


Hmmm… no “out of the box” ID, ‘m sorry. It looks familiar
though (it’s not Apex Sans).

I’m extremely busy for the moment, but I’ll get back to you
as soon as I can. Unless someone else finds it before that. ;)

About that subject line: are you making fun of us? Honestly?
Because, if you do, I guarantee we’ll make your gnome suffer.
Big time. You’ll wake up screaming for the rest of your life,
haunted by sickening sound of broken pottery and the horrible
death rattle of your shiny little friend. We take no $h!t from

:-) (just to be on the safe side)

My thoughts exactly, Stewf. This is friggin’ frustratin’.

I believe we’re looking for a rather industrial drawing-
looking contemporary sans, rather rectangular, slightly
reminiscent of Isonorm, Faux-CRA, Foundry Monoline
and the likes. Stroke ends appear rounded, spurs on ‘r’
and ‘m’ are quite pointy.

Places to look might be Lineto, Testpilot Collective, [T-26]
What else?

Steve, it’s all in the gnomes… =D

Beta Sans is so close!

The first thing I checked :-)

no- not beta sans again!

how about — Beta sans remixed

Beautiful… but too squarish. Furthermore, check the right-hand
corner of the bowl of the ‘e’: it should be rounded.

no way! nobody but me has that remix! oh, wait, i think peter bruhn has a copy too. and joshua distler, of course.

But it is rounded in the italic remix. But the uc C doesn’t fit. It’s very close.

“But it is rounded in the italic remix” The lc “e”.

Hi Jason, we’re not very good at this, are we? :-(

In the meantime I managed to do a full run of the FontBook,
alas to no avail. Did anyone check any digital-only foundries,
so I don’t double-check when I get to that?

hehehe.. no no no… i just couldn’t think of a good subject line this morning. “name that font” just seemed to generic. i apologize for real. this message board rocks. i’m sorry i lurk more than post, but i’m not nearly as good at this as you guys. :-)

wow… this is crazy. darn sneaky designers coming up with these darn hard to identify fonts. thanks for the help anyway. it’s much appreciated!


It’s so close to Reykjavyk or Sophisto from Psy/Ops…

But it’s not a match yet.

> i apologize for real.

Don’t! It’s all in your strict catholic upbringing, yaknow.
All this sin and guilt and nonsense. =D

Sorry, no match for your sample yet.

eeeeek.. how’s you guess? 8 years of catholic gradeschool… will you be my therapist?

I know this is

You would have to modify the uc and lc “C”
to make it look like your Commerce-image

will you be my therapist?

You don’t need a therapist. You need a confessor. :-)

Yves, you should set up a religious denomination ID board

You got Jason, just from a picture of a him and a gnome!!

I know this font. I will find it.