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New UK based Font-Commerce site.

If there are any UK or European based font designers/developers who are interested in a new revenue stream - email for further information.

This site is OpenType only.

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No way to just browse the fonts?

I like the display by letter if you search without entering anything, but it would be nice to have a browse function.

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Anything that encourages font development and provides revenue for designers has got be good, but...

The website is very cold and looks built from a template.

It's confusing too. What "high quality font software"?

Where's all the lovely the font samples?

The logo is typographically very poor...

Your out of date too...

Copyright © 2006 DTP Types Limited

Sorry to be critical, but there's tough competition out there :)

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The DTP Types outfit ( sells the usual rip-off fonts under new and old names (e.g. Century Schoolbook DT, Engravers DT, Goudy Old Style DT, Kabel DT, etc.) and is also an outlet for the customary "inspired by" knock-off stuff produced by other forgers, cloners, pirates, and plagiarists.

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lherrou and wormwood, many thanks for taking your time to look at the web site. It is hoped that the site will develop over time as more designers and developers join the site.

lherrou - how would you like to browse the fonts? You can list the fonts by name or do a more detailed search by keywords. Every font can be tested also.

All comments are welcome at this stage - be they helpful, rude or sladerous.

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I recognize these designs by their original names. Slightly manipulating Times Roman, Optima, Icone, Franklin Gothic, Sabon, Tekton, does not make them new or original. Many of the designs are identical to the originals they're derived from. Your client base, and any designers who might want to join you, are going to be limited by that.

There is a wide, wide difference between what is strictly legal, and what is ethical.

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Thanks, Mr. Crossgrove!

At last, there is someone at Typophile who has the courage to say the truth.

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