Bitstream Galliard

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I've picked up a copy of the Carter book saturday (‘Typographically Speaking: The Art of Matthew Carter’) and fell in love with Galliard (again). However, there seem to been a whola lotta versions out there.

The roman cut seems to no problem, the CC version is available at fontshop. Too bad it isn't opentype yet (somebody has an idea if its coming btw?).
After some reading it seems the Bitstream version (for the bolds) fits the CC roman best.It was digitised under MC’s supervision. The ITC version (+ adobe, E+F, Linotype) has shortenend ascenders & descenders (Carter's drawings we’re ‘adapted’ for jobbing purposes).

So I surfed to Myfonts — but to my dismay, myfonts can't sell the Bitstream version anymore due to licensing issues :-(

Anybody has a clue when this issues will be resolved? Or when Bitstream Galliard will be available again? Or is there another foundry with a version that goes with the CC version?

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