Tateetc mag / body font / serif

Tateetc has been here before but not for the body text (or at least I couldn't find it)...
The italic is almost definetly Garamond but the regular looks like a mix of garamond, hoefler text and plantin even... is it a custom job or is it something I missed?


Have an image or a link to the other thread?

sorry about that... I was sure i attached it...

The text looks like Janson.

- Mike Yanega

Reset. Janson doesn't have a W like that, or a C like that. I think we may be looking at a hybrid customization of more than one font.

- Mike Yanega

Yup... that's what I'm thinking too... I was just wondering if I missed something realy obvious...

I don't think so. I have catalogued almost 1,500 serif families for my Serif Font ID Guide. This combination of characteristics is a new one, but the letterforms don't look new. That strongly says this is a mixed face to me.

- Mike Yanega

Download this poster and check the font info in the PDF -- looks like the font is called HenryFour, and it comes in (at least) regular, italic, and small caps weights..

Well, I have been studying 'HenryFour' and the majority of the Roman letters are from Adobe Garamond, in my opinion, or are at least similar enough that I personally can't see an obvious difference (I know my eyes aren't as calibrated as some of yours). The 'd' and 'u' have distinctively low baseline serifs, and the 'k' seems identical. The letters which are NOT Adobe Garamond are (I think) the 'a', 'c', 'g', 'j', 's', 'C', 'G', 'P', 'S', 'T', and maybe the 'J'.

Where do those other letters come from? I think the 'g' looks most like Janson, but some of the other letters look like a Caslon Oldstyle. I think at least some of the italic letters, such as the 'g' look also like Caslon.

My feeling is still that HenryFour is a 'Frankenstein's Monster' with borrowed parts, and possibly no original design.

- Mike Yanega