Liquid type?

Can anyone suggest some kind of type that looks like it's been written with chocolate syrup or similar fluid? I've been trying to find that kind of font but mostly they're not good. Thanks!


Have you actually tried to write what you want to do in chocolate syrup or any type of syrup. You'd probably be surprised with the results.

In the latest issue of HOW (June 2007) they have a great article about doing such a thing. Here's a link to their blog about it:

Candy Script--Thick dark chocolate
Almond Script--Cocoa powder
Whomp--Messy chocolate syrup
Lombriz--Precise cake writing

Any of these in the right direction?

Asvetic has the right approach. Otherwise one of Tiff's or Wubble.

There's also Milk, by Hubert Jocham (I just came across this in another thread).

Nick Shinn's new soft machine should do the trick, with some 'special effects'.