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Joined: 29 Aug 2006 - 4:57pm

Not a font by me, just one I stumbled across recently, from Lazydogs (Germany). So I hope this is the right category to post it in. (I tried posting this yesterday as a postscript to a fascinating Garamond-and-inkspread thread, but it's been dead too long and nobody goes there any more.)

See it here (+ PDF sample)

As yet unmentioned on Typophile it seems. Not exactly a Garamond in the usual sense (if there is one) but I don’t think I have ever seen anything that captures the warm flow of original Renaissance letterpress pages quite like this. Just enough softness and irregularities (almost quirks when enlarged) to prevent any kind of dazzle or "lateral interference", and beautiful spacing for small sizes. Maybe it is almost too historical/imitative to be used for regular jobs, but it looks like an impressive piece of work. I would love to hear what the experts think about it.

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Joined: 17 Jun 2007 - 4:30am

I think, too, its a very nice work.
It is not easy to do a character like this that does work also good in text.

> Maybe it is almost too historical/imitative to be used for regular jobs

Yes, this is always the problem. Even if you have made something very nice, it maybe unusable for most part of the people in daily grafic live. And often – at least it’s may feeling about it – it’s also too sad to do so. Because the beautiful characters of the past maybe are not made for publicity or corporate purposes. Seems they are somehow misplaced there.