malfunctioning contextual menu and application menu in fontlab 5.0.2

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this is happening on a mac running 10.4.9. it's been happening for a while, and i've never gotten a reply from any of the fontlab people as to whether they've seen this happen.

see attached file. this is what my contextual menu looks like when i select a glyph cell and try to activate the contextual menu.

also, my application menu is split into two menus. one with the name of the app contains services, hide fontlab, hide others, show all, and quit.

the second menu is immediately to the left, and is accessed by selecting blank space (which is completely weird). it contains about fontlab, about fontlab products, and a menu divider followed by nothing.

i have some contextual menu extensions installed, and i'm running some app enhancers (fruitmenu, menu master, windowshadex) which are all turned off in fontlab. i've also tested with all the extra stuff uninstalled, but the problem persists. anyone else had this happen?

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twardoch apparently saw this and tracked down my initial unanswered support request at fontlab. he says:

this is answered in our FAQ:

it doesn't address the specific symptoms i'm describing by name, but it does repair them. problem solved.

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I've had that happen too. When the contextual menu starts getting too long, what I do is go to Tools > Customize... and clean it up.

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interesting. the fudged entries show up in there as well? i hadn't thought to look there since my initial changes there were still in place. i assumed it was strictly a render error.

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