(x) Looking for contemporary alternatives to Rotis Semi Serif - various {gang}

do you know a contemporary alternative to rotis semi serif (see pic)?
A condensed sans with some retrofuturistic ¿labserifs?



Serus by Todd Masui

How about Eidetic Modern? It's serifed twin is Eidetic Neo.

thanks, Eidetic Modern and Neo look fine (as I can judge them on www.psyops.com) but I have to wait for the condensed versions.

Also, have you check Identifonts Similar fonts for Rotis Semi Serif?

ah, thanks, didn't know this function. Works much better than the similar guesses from myfonts.

drrp, double post.

drrp, double post.

sorry, I've searched and browsed all rotis-topics.

I actually find Rotis semi-serif quite contemporary in a timeless kind of way, but that's just me... It's one of my all time favourites!

It's certainly becoming ubiquitous here -- not to the point of being tiresome (yet) but definitely noticeable.

TheMix has semi-serifs, though I guess it's not quite the same feel.