Looking for a font that resembles theatre marquee letters

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Greetings everyone
Searched far and wide and I haven't found an exact answer to this one so I thought I would post it to the forum
What is the typeface used for movie theater marquee letters, such as these shown here? Looks like FF Din is fairly close, but its curves seem to be a little flatter than those in the marquee letters; anyone have an exact match?
Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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Gotham is closed but it's not it. Btw Gotham is based on these theather letters of New York, and stores and so on...

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These letters wouldn't have been based on a "typeface" per se - they would have been created especially for this type of sign, so you probably won't find an exact match in a digital font. DIN is very close as you say.

- Lex

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It isn't an exact match but Now Playing by Terminal Design is based on the lettering of the Apollo Theater.

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