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List of Registered Feature Tags:

Feature Tag Friendly Name
aalt Access All Alternates
abvf Above-base Forms
abvm Above-base Mark Positioning
abvs Above-base Substitutions
afrc Alternative Fractions
akhn Akhands
blwf Below-base Forms
blwm Below-base Mark Positioning
blws Below-base Substitutions
calt Contextual Alternates
case Case-Sensitive Forms
ccmp Glyph Composition / Decomposition
clig Contextual Ligatures
cpsp Capital Spacing
cswh Contextual Swash
curs Cursive Positioning
c2sc Small Capitals From Capitals
c2pc Petite Capitals From Capitals
dist Distances
dlig Discretionary Ligatures
dnom Denominators
expt Expert Forms
falt Final Glyph on Line Alternates
fin2 Terminal Forms #2
fin3 Terminal Forms #3
fina Terminal Forms
frac Fractions
fwid Full Widths
half Half Forms
haln Halant Forms
halt Alternate Half Widths
hist Historical Forms
hkna Horizontal Kana Alternates
hlig Historical Ligatures
hngl Hangul
hojo Hojo Kanji Forms (JIS X 0212-1990 Kanji Forms)
hwid Half Widths
init Initial Forms
isol Isolated Forms
ital Italics
jalt Justification Alternates
jp78 JIS78 Forms
jp83 JIS83 Forms
jp90 JIS90 Forms
jp04 JIS2004 Forms
kern Kerning
lfbd Left Bounds
liga Standard Ligatures
ljmo Leading Jamo Forms
lnum Lining Figures
locl Localized Forms
mark Mark Positioning
med2 Medial Forms #2
medi Medial Forms
mgrk Mathematical Greek
mkmk Mark to Mark Positioning
mset Mark Positioning via Substitution
nalt Alternate Annotation Forms
nlck NLC Kanji Forms
nukt Nukta Forms
numr Numerators
onum Oldstyle Figures
opbd Optical Bounds
ordn Ordinals
ornm Ornaments
palt Proportional Alternate Widths
pcap Petite Capitals
pnum Proportional Figures
pref Pre-Base Forms
pres Pre-base Substitutions
pstf Post-base Forms
psts Post-base Substitutions
pwid Proportional Widths
qwid Quarter Widths
rand Randomize
rlig Required Ligatures
rphf Reph Forms
rtbd Right Bounds
rtla Right-to-left alternates
ruby Ruby Notation Forms
salt Stylistic Alternates
sinf Scientific Inferiors
size Optical size
smcp Small Capitals
smpl Simplified Forms
ss01 Stylistic Set 1
ss02 Stylistic Set 2
ss03 Stylistic Set 3
ss04 Stylistic Set 4
ss05 Stylistic Set 5
ss06 Stylistic Set 6
ss07 Stylistic Set 7
ss08 Stylistic Set 8
ss09 Stylistic Set 9
ss10 Stylistic Set 10
ss11 Stylistic Set 11
ss12 Stylistic Set 12
ss13 Stylistic Set 13
ss14 Stylistic Set 14
ss15 Stylistic Set 15
ss16 Stylistic Set 16
ss17 Stylistic Set 17
ss18 Stylistic Set 18
ss19 Stylistic Set 19
ss20 Stylistic Set 20
subs Subscript
sups Superscript
swsh Swash
titl Titling
tjmo Trailing Jamo Forms
tnam Traditional Name Forms
tnum Tabular Figures
trad Traditional Forms
twid Third Widths
unic Unicase
valt Alternate Vertical Metrics
vatu Vattu Variants
vert Vertical Writing
vhal Alternate Vertical Half Metrics
vjmo Vowel Jamo Forms
vkna Vertical Kana Alternates
vkrn Vertical Kerning
vpal Proportional Alternate Vertical Metrics
vrt2 Vertical Alternates and Rotation
zero Slashed Zero

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