"Moonsweeper" imagic video game box



That is wacky fun. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it before.

That’s a Letraset font from the early 80’s, I think. Can’t put a name on it yet…

Martin, you’re on the right track. It looks like Transmission, a 1983 Letraset font. I think it was based on the font, rather than set in the font. The original font had fake scan lines. Some of the characters have been changed—serifs removed or added. The N is completely different. The M is identical. The rest of the letters are very similar.

do you happen to know how I might be able to find/buy TRANSMISSION ?

or how to find/buy a pictorial list of LETRASET 80’s FONTS ?

I tried once to track down an ITC font called
AKI LINES — but found nuthin’ on the web .

thanks s,m,m!

nick — graphic designer/CA

I don’t think it ever made it to digital (ironic since it looks like it’s meant to look like a CRT raster). I don’t know where you could get an old Letraset catalog (I’m keeping mine).

most art supply stores still have the Letraset catalogs in their back shelves — some with boxes of transfer sheets in storage…but go quick quick…Letraset is discommisioning alot of the transfers — once the set is gone — its gone gone. they only sell digital products now.

You might wanna check Rian Hughes Judgement A family. It’s got those typical “M” and “W” shapes, although it’s entirely built with straight lines.