(x) Mexico City metro/subway signage - custom typeface by Lance Wyman {Alex B}

The metro/subway in Mexico City has an interesting and very consistent way-finding system using the same font throughout. There's a free lookalike font available at http://www.haroldsfonts.com/metro.html and here are some photos I found on the Web:


Does anybody know the actual name of the font and who has designed it, and when?



The Mexico City metro sinage was designed by Lance Wyman, who also designed the Mexico 68 Olympic sinage.

You can visit his website at lancewyman.com where there are some samples of the sinage created for many of his projects, including the Mexico City Metro.

I'm not sure if he also designed the font, but I hope that may atleast help you find some more information on it.

Thanks! The riddle is solved.
I've emailed Mr. Wyman and he declared responsible for the font.