Fourmat Cyrillic

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I have been seized with the urge to see how complete I can make my tiny pixel font, Fourmat. So I took on Cyrillic, knowing next to nothing about Cyrillic, but figuring that with such limited choices, there couldn't be too much to do wrong. Can someone more familiar with these languages tell me how it turned out? In particular I wonder if my unusual rendering of capital Ф is valid and if Э and З are sufficiently disambiguated. Here is a double-size image with pangrams in Russian, Ukrainian, and Bulgarian, and part of a Pravda article.

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To me it seems that at least the Л is too wide and perhaps П, Ц and Џ. The forms for э and є seem particularly strange. The Ф could benefit from the bar extending above and below the bowl by 1 pixel.

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If I were to narrow Ц and Џ but leave П as it is, would this be sensible or just inconsistent?

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