Corporate typeface for mobile phone service

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Corporate typeface for mobile phone service

Hello all,

I am looking for a corporate typeface for a company about to enter the mobile phone service market and was wondering if anyone had any ideas.

Here are some further details:

working professionals, core being around 25-50

All aspects of the financial sector (traditional, secure, etc.) BUT ALSO sophisticated/clever, inventive, stylish

Mainly web-based (then only as display font), although there will be print advertising plus annual reports, etc. (then, of course, both as display and text font)

Special requirements
The font should have an extensive special character set to work with most Latin character languages; if possible, the font should retain its characteristics/legibility in extremely small sizes (mobile phone screen), but also extremely large sizes (billboard advertising)

First ideas
I am generally looking more in the sans serif direction; the font should be clean and legible, while keeping some small quirky elements/attention to detail.
I have already looked at Malmö Sans (love the Headline version), Reykjavik (added bonus of male/female versions).

It would be brilliant if anyone has any ideas in that direction!

Many thanks, Max