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DOING A SAGMEISTER / Make change / Post graduate education - where / why?

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DOING A SAGMEISTER / Make change / Post graduate education - where / why?

I posted this on the design forum so sorry if anyone has read it.

Hello fellow typophiles!
Not sure about you lot but when I left
my undergraduate studies I was charged up with
motivation and vigour and ready to set the world on
fire with my typographic innovation.
But six years have passed and I have had a wide variety
of experience from major UK publishers to music magazines
to starting my own practice.
and I have only used vetica 3 times!

But I have reached a stage where I need some new
direction / inspiration [you know what I mean]
As a result I have been thinking about doing a
a sagmeister and having a year without clients /
re-exploring what got me excited about typo-based-graphic-design
in the first place.
so I was thinking about working toward doing some post graduate
studies / locking myself in the shed with a laptop and a printer
for a year…
Can anybody advise on what they would do /
what schools to look at
[as you only get one chance and it costs you a lot of cash]
I love European typography
and can’t get enough of Berlin

But this looks pretty mental


I know others out there are thinking the same
where did the enthusiasm go

any advice or discussion would
be greatly appreciated


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