(x) Morning Burst italic sans - Ocean Sans {Nick Cooke}

Can anyone figure out what font this is?
much appreciated :)


not a clue, but could you make that sample any smaller?

i know its tiny... ill try to find a bigger version

Optima Extra Black Italic?

> Optima Extra Black Italic?
No. Not Legacy Sans either.

Could almost be Stone Sans or Myriad, but that "g" throws it.

The closest one is Optima Bold Italic, but the S is off a little

Could be Ocean Sans.

Nick Cooke

Ocean Sans Bold Italic, but with a (too small) round i dot instead of the diamond.

Nick Cooke

Yes, Nick. Looks like it.
But the rest in your sample seems to be Optima.

I know that - It's the 'Morning Burst' we're looking at.

Nick Cooke

Hey Yves - Don't I get a credit? I love to see my name in brackets ;^D

Nick Cooke