TypoTechnica 2007 Talks

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Thomas Phinney's new blog entry about TypoTechnica 2007 Talks. I didn't see a link on Typophile so far and found it only now, a week after it has been posted. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for linking in Karsten!

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All thanks to Thomas for collecting great material. But now, don't disturb. I'm reading.  :)

Don't forget: Mr Blokland's earlier link to the OpenType Status 2007 presentation.

[Ha, Paul Hunt made a wiki entry already.]

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Yeah, thanks for mentioning this. I hadn't noticed it was posted. I also like seeing the old logo on the first slide. It kind of says, "Hey, we've been doing this for awhile."

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> I also like seeing the old logo on the first slide.

That's the cover of a binder that is lying around, which used to document all the in-house tools and processes. I thought it was cool, and so decided to take a picture of it for using in the cover slide. I'm glad you like it :^)

> It kind of says, “Hey, we’ve been doing this for awhile.”

Yep, Type at Adobe goes as far back as when the company debuted, which was about 25 years ago. And there are still people around from those early ages, like David Lemon and Robert Slimbach, who have been working in the Type Department for more that 20 years each.

BTW, Thomas is celebrating his 10th anniversary at Adobe. So please join me in a big round of applause. Congratulations Thomas, wish you stay 10 more year, at least!!

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I'll agree to stick around another ten years if you will. :)


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VIVA Thomas!

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