>>> Type ID Pop Quiz V2.3 - Expert Level

This is how it works:

  • A portion of a glyph is published in the Type ID Pop Quiz.
  • Try to identify the glyph and the typeface. To win, you need to name at least:
    1. typeface
    2. weight
    3. character/glyph
  • Show off your knowledge by casually mentioning additional trivia, like who designed it, when and by whom was it (first) published, and other cool stuff to impress your fellow Typophiles with.
  • The winner produces a new challenge -- a portion of a glyph, black on white background, presented in a 288 x 288 pixel square, including a R204G000B00 1 pixel border.
  • The person who posts a challenge can't win the next game.

In case of any disputes, I will act as judge, jury and avenging angel of wrath.

If you think this is a little too difficult, maybe try the Entry Level Type ID Pop Quiz or Intermediary Level Type ID Pop Quiz first.

Good luck everyone, and have fun. ;^)

With respectful thanks to the originator of this utterly useless but highly entertaining waste of time, the often imitated but never duplicated Cheshire Dave.


Time to reboot the Type ID Pop Quiz - Expert Level. Here's da new challenge.

Something Spanish?

no caps either...
and no dynamo

> Maybe I’d better try here ?

No, No! Although Intermediate level is interesting. Do not discourage yourself. Together, it will be found. That one is looking to be a team work. :^)

nope. no unicase either. I guess your brains need to SPIN a little faster.

The at-sign, perhaps?
Bert Vanderveen BNO

It doesn’t look like a Pi font.
It does walk like a ligature.
It doesn’t talk like a Cyrillic and never did (as far as I’m aware).

Ok Ok...finally, afetr too much clues:

PTL Zatro it is.


Ok, I am getting really curious...

Well understood …
Then, is it something like this: i.e. an uppercase form of an usually lowercase-only letter-that-used-to-be-a-ligature? Something similar?

yes, upside down.

It's not a reversed weight.

no, not Zatro, but someone emailed me the correct answer. i've asked him to post it here so he can get appropriate credit and so this game can move along. :^D

Mr. Carter himself has nothing to do with it, but Miller (aka Scotch Roman) of course is somehow related to the one we’re looking for.

I did say it would be difficult!

> an uppercase form of an usually lowercase-only letter-that-used-to-be-a-ligature


No. It’s not a ligature and never was, nor will it be. Like I said above; it does walk like one.

It’s neither W nor M, neither number nor fraction and neither diacritic nor mathematical sign…

…but, it is caps.

Typovar: I myself feel as though I’m masquerading as an “Expert” here. More often than not you need to be a better detective than type expert in these Type ID quizzes.

Quiet, because I'm finding this challenge pretty hard. Also, here in Québec it's a long week-end, means holliday. But still playing. May be an hint would help me. Thanks!

Is it Quadraat by Fred Smeijers?
Brut force …

Hmm. Ok. Really similar to Zatro though.

This is an honour to me. I hope my choice isn't to easy.

I just reread the rules. Now everything's formally correct.

It’s not M.

Is it something by Aldo Novarese?

Edit: Florian, I think you're right!

The only letters I see for now is an “n” or a “a”

Congratulations Arjen! Well done! You've made a great search.


Congratulations Florian. you're Brut Force works well!
FF Quadraat Bold Italic.
Originaly designed for ontwerpbureau Quadraat in Arnhem, by Fred Smeijers. Nowadays the designbureau is called Het Lab and Fred Smeijers doesn't work there anymore. One of the former partners, Peterpaul Kloosterman, has his site here and it show some real nice typographic designs.

Maybe a good time for a REBOOT?


It's an "a". Not from the Regular.


Prachtig! Thanks for the background info as well …

Maybe a good time for a REBOOT?
Oh yeah, I second that; tired of skipping to last >>

Just to rule some more things out:
It’s not greek or semitic. It’s not a foundry’s monogram (which could look like a latin cap but isn’t)—as that’d be a symbol. It’s not blackletter/broken script.

In which country/language is it used? Are there more fonts that feature this glyph?

Is it Monotype Bell?

…or Bell MT, sorry.

Well done Florian, was'nt easy to me. Great detective!

Here’s the complete glyph:
Still no bell ringing?

Hooray, we have a winner! :D
Yes, it is Bell from Monotype (1931), cut originally for John Bell by Richard Austin in 1788 [¹]. Austin worked for John Bell’s foundry in London […] and William Miller in Edinburgh. The Miller types known as Scotch Romans have been attributed to Austin. [²]

The sans that happens to have the same name is Bell Gothic/Bell Centennial.

What I found is Zion Train demi bold by Andrij Shevchenko (Berdyansk, Ukraine). The foundry is AndrijType.

Thank you, Andre. I found it a little bit too difficult, too. Such a small detail from a rather unusual character … one won’t guess it knee-jerk, even if one would work with that font right now. But as I said: sometimes it’s time for B.F.
I’ll try to pick one for the next round that is a little bit easier (though still expert, harharrr!)

and that's the one, whew! your turn to post a challenge, Michel

Is it Latin?

Not to much easier, the challenge is called Expert ;^)

Well, I am only a font user, and I use them to get mathematical texts that look how I like, but if I ever submit for publication, the publisher chooses the font, not me. On the other hand, I also like languages and here is a font I experimented with for some text containing polytonic greek. I'll say no more for now.

Is that gaelic on your website?

edit: hint -- hint


It is included in those unicode blocks…in disguise!
Could it be a ".notdef" or "control" character?
I think I'm going mad here...

Arjen, perhaps if you tried to establish what category of typeface it is, you may preserve what remains of your sanity. It will narrow your search down hugely.


Is the typeface suitable for setting long reading text at small sizes?

A sideways 'g'?

- Lex


A wild guess: Palatino regular.

EDIT:I'll take that back after further investigation.

May be the TM?

So, it is kind of a display face? Not patterned, no stencil, no script. No multi-line either? Outline/shaded?