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Dopcon is a bitmap version of the first typeface family I ever made. It was extremely illegible at small sizes and incredibly painful to look at for any length of time because of the vibrating visual effect caused by the harsh rhythm of the forms & counterforms. Considering this, I figured it would be fun to create it in pixels. The original family had rounded edges, and came in 72 different styles. For the bitmap version, I cut it down to 9 styles: 3 weights (alpha, bravo, charlie) in 3 widths (compressed, regular, extended). Each style has a set of alternate 'tailed' characters. I also added a cyrillic version for the hell of it.


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Very nice.

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full characters, full characters

wow, i _really_ like this


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Classy ••••, dude.
And the Cyrillic seems killer.


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