(x) Sub Pop and LSU very wide slab serif - Hellenic Wide {Mike Y, Yves}

I have had no luck identifying the slab face seen around the Louisiana State University campus.

I believe it may very well be the same face that is used for the 'Sub Pop' record label—perhaps only differing weights.

What comes close:
Apex (too 'new' and the S is wrong)
Zapata (the uneven weights ruin the match)
Western Stencil (a match if only not stencil?)
Rodeo (a little flat though)

Anyone have any suggestions? Is there something easy that I am missing?

Thanks in advance,



A very wide slab serif often turns out to be Hellenic Wide, which is pretty much like 58 Rodeo from Baseline Fonts, or the older 'Hefty' from FontBank.

- Mike Yanega

Hellenic Wide, a very popular ID on this board.


Does anyone have a copy of the free 'Stereo' font? The links I am finding on Typophile are all out of date.