(x) Brewer's Expo condensed sans - Compacta {Ken Messenger}

I am updating a site I did not design, and the font I was told was used in the headings was OzHandicraft. I have this font, and even given the fact that the Alien Skin Splat Torn Edges effect was used, I do not think they match. The "e" and the "r" in "Beer" don't even remotely match.

Does anyone have an idea as to what the font is that is used on all the interior pages as a heading? I've attached two images, and the link to the site is http://scbrewexpo.com

Thanks to any and all!



Oz Handicraft is the other font, used for "Saturday July 28" for example. I have no clue what the heading font is, sorry.

probably Compacta

That's it! Thank you!