combining a script with a condensed sans serif…possible?

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for reasons unkown, my client wants to replace the typeface just on the word "THE" to a script face. I am not all too familiar with using scripts in the first place, but pairing one with a condensed sans serif seems, well, impossible. Any thoughts or examples would be greatly appreciated, especially in these early morning hours.


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Here is a Danish banknote with similar condensed sans with dropshadow, script with dropshadow, extended bold serif, sans serial numbers and a handwritten signature...

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THE looks pretty dominant opposed to HIL in your design. Also HIL looks rather uninteresting in sans serif caps. The client might just want the actual name HIL to be emphasized. Combinations with a script font might require a completely new approach.

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thanks for the replies. The client originally—and still to my knowledge—likes the sans serif caps. They are going for a "meat packing district/factory signage" theme. The script addition is what has thrown me off.

Does anyone know the type that Mucca used for Pastis or similar. The short serifs, condensed feel.

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> meat packing district/factory signage
Gotham. Maybe a little overused already and of course a completely different thing. As for the font you’re looking for; if it’s just about the HIL, you might just draw it yourself. It’s only 3 easy glyphs.

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This is just an idea, and there's a million different script fonts out there to check out (I used P22's Imperial Script). I'm guessing they're looking for a design like this:

Also be wary of the stair-step effect you get when copy/pasting to create that 3D Block Shadow on The Hil. If you aren't aware, check out Leslie Cabarga's "Logo, Font & Lettering Bible" page 181 will show you how to get rid of that effect. Plus he describes how to achieve a plethora of 3D effects.

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I think that kind of formal flowing copperplate script will work better than a more modern script, you might combine it with an ornament on each side of the main title.


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Andrew, that is lovely.

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Andrew, that is lovely.

Thank you, Tiffany.

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Andrew, is that your suggestion for the Clinton 2008 logo? ;-)

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I wonder if Brice is ever coming back to tell/show us what he did. I feel slightly used.

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I feel slightly used.

by posting to typophile you are effectively opening yourself to being used and abused.

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What about making "THE" vertical and
smaller, fitting the height of the "HIL".

BTW, do remove the trapping.


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by posting to typophile you are effectively opening yourself to being used and abused.

Yeah, but sometimes I really WANT to know what's happening with a design, and this one seems interesting enough.

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