"Mansion" serif ID please!

Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could help me with this.

I only have the attached to go off and it is very small! Finding it very difficult to work out whether the serifs are slab or bracketed...


My best guess would be Goudy Old Style.

I don't think it's that Mark, because the M seems too straight-sided, and the M & N serifs are too short. It's relatively low-contrast, and I'm at a loss right now.

- Mike Yanega

I'm still looking, but so far Nick Shinn's Beaufort looks like a close approximation, in terms of stroke weight, serifs and proportions.

- Mike Yanega

Cheers Mike, that looks pretty damned close....

It has a similar feel to Goudy Old Style, but you're right, the details are wrong.

Another close one is Bob Alonso's Shangrala.

- Mike Yanega

Have got the reverse too now

Well, that sample looks like Times.

- Mike Yanega