(x) Thin stressed geometric sans in Another Magazine - Fashion Thin (proprietary face) {Mike F}

A page from ANOTHER MAG, what is the typeface that used in "IN SOCIETY"?


it really looks like my Miranda in an ultra light version! I'm curious to know what is this font too.

maybe some ultra light Peignot custom font… (but the S and the C don't look like Peignot)

If Dennis Ortiz-Lopez had a Radiant Ultra Light it would be a lot like this. I don't think some white stroking would quite get it though, because the C isn't quite as closed as the sample.

- Mike Yanega

Per this MyFonts forum post by Takeshi (a regular who is almost never wrong), it might be “Fashion Thin” by Alex Wiederin. Where he got the name from, I don't know - but the typeface appears all over in the portfolio of Buero New York. This includes several entries from Another Magazine.

I find the website very irritating to navigate.

Thanks, Yves. I'd forgotten about that thread.