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New original Hebrew fonts
Hebrew font
Indesign CS2 ME biblical Hebrew, vowel positioning
Hebrew sans serif display font
Hebrew type designs
Sheva, custom marks…
Learning Hebrew calligraphy
Unicode compliant Open Source licensed Hebrew Fonts
Character set for modern Hebrew

Oded Ezer Typography
Masterfont, Israel’s largest type vendor
Fontbit, Israeli type vendor
Oketz, Meir Sadan’s site/blog, with fonts, articles and helpful links (site is in Hebrew)
Bibliography on Hebrew type and typography, from the site of Prof. Silvan Toledo.

Biblical Hebrew:
The Decalogue: The Cantillation on the Ten Commandments

Additional Articles:
Alpha=X, or contemporary Hebrew bad type by Adi Stern

Hebrew Type Sources and specimens pertaining to the history of Hebrew typography by Misha Beletsky

Hebrewtypography.com Essays and links, edited by Oded Ezer.