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another flash optimised bitmap font. i based this on salut - so poor marks for originality.
the uppercase gave me a hard time so i'd appreciate any help there.


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Nice nice nice!
Perhaps it still some problems of legibility, but it has a script feeling different than 9031's Bangalore,
wich was the only well-designed bitmap script font. (was...)
(Perhaps reconsidering upper part of the E and the diagonal of the M ?)

Good beatnik name too.


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changed the 'E' and 'M'. i think the 'E' is improved but not sure about the 'M' - may have been better before.


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I think the change to the E is great, although maybe the M still needs some work...

I don't know about that 'r'... maybe a more "handwritten" r would work better for me.

I would also look into making the 'k' look less like an 'h'.

anyway, overall I think it's beautiful and I would love to have it :D

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Maybe the lonesome pixel (would be a great font name... by interest contact my *g*) at the 'K' and 'R' on the right downstroke have to go under the baseline.

I think also the 'X' and 'x' need some work.

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The E seems looking better like that i think, but previous M was smarter.
Andrew's suggestion for the lowercase R sounds good: like this?


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Revised the 'K' and 'R' as suggested and tried out the script-style 'r' - any comments?.

i tried a drop shadow too - which makes it look very tactile, it would be nice embossed.


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Hi Joe

the drop shodow looks nice. Go on with both versions.

'K' and 'R' looks better now. Maybe you should try some different position for the 'lonesome' pixel. But I think it is also okay in this case. Maybe try to make the right stem (or bowl?) need also 2 pixel.

The 'j' looks a little strange. Have looked twice before I regonice that it is the 'j'. Maybe thats difficult in a text.

Greetings Jens
BTW: does anyone has a good site with all the terms in english?

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