Geometric Slab with descending alternates

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I posted a new PDF with adjustments. Check it out.

This face started out a with very crude geometric shapes, and I've made some optical adjustments, and essential stoke variations. I'm having trouble getting the color even, and the S smooth. I plan on developing a pro set, and true italics.

Thank you for your time,

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First things that come to mind:

It seems there are some problems concerning contast. Some things too thick, others too thin. Your 's' for example, has its thick at the wrong place. It should be in the middle, on the spine. 'x' too wide, 'v' and 'w' as well. The 'm' doesn't really seem to work, the 'n' is, but the 'm' is looking weird. And I think the slab-serif on the 'd' might be pointing in the wrong direction. Crossbar of the 'A' is too high, 'S' has same prob as lc 's'.

Wanted to say more, but I have to go now. :)

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Thanks Jelmar. I didn't even notice the serif on the d. Duh. I've been using Stymie for some reference, but I don't want to copy it too much.

I made the letters using the same size pieces, and put the weights in the right place. Could it be all optical? Is there a way you group letters to compare weight, or is it trial and error?

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Well, on the 's/S' the thickest part should be the spine. And with contrast I meant that your stems are quite thick, and the other parts are quite thin in comparison. But also that some of your horizontals are the thick variant (like the crossbar on the 't' and some on your numerals) and some are thin (like the tops of most letters, and the crossbar of the 'f').

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I made a few quick changes, and posted them up top.

Should all the horizontals be the same weight?

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You'll find, unfortunately, that even in a font where everything is the same weight, it isn't really. Even Avant Garde, Lubalin, and Futura have slightly thinner horizontal than vertical parts, and their straight lines are thinner than their curved lines. In your case, here are a few weight problems I see immediately. Some of them are technical, and others optical.
-The main stems of a lot of your letters are thicker than the rest of the letter: MNU, BRP, hmnku, apgqdb. Weight is very dodgy in the small caps.
-I think your round letters should tend more toward square, as in Melior or cuttlefish's Palormak. I'm thinking here of OQCG and ceos, which look to have been imported almost straight from Stymie.
-The biggest way to solve the wonkiness of your S is to move the control points that are on the vertical parts in toward the center. Also, make sure it has the standard S stress (the lowercase s needs that too).
-Some of your letters are too cobbled together. I'm especially looking at the M, ß, small caps, and most of your diacriticked letters, which I'm guessing you haven't updated since you smoothed out the letters they're based on (like a, n).
-The numerals are too normal. As it is, though you've customized them appreciably, they still look like they want to go back to Stymie.

Altogether, an good and interesting start, and I'd love to see where it goes.

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I wanted some stroke contrast, so I made the stems thicker. Are they distracting or awkward?

It seems like I have to rework most of the characters. I think I will go back to the "pieces" and try to find a better solution with the contrast.

Thank you for the tips guys.

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No problem with making the stems thicker than horizontals. I think I was trying to say that your curved areas need to be thicker than your straight stems, for optical balance. I didn't state that part very well.

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> Should all the horizontals be the same weight?

No, they do not need to be the same weight, but if all strokes are of varying weight, your typeface starts to bounce all over the place. It will look a bit.. how do you say that (english is not my native tongue).. nervous or restless I guess. Also keeping the weights on the different angles (vertical/horizontal/diagonal) more or less consistent, will make your characters work together better.

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I've made a change on a few characters. I'm getting it now, I think this adjustment would make the overall texture more even.

I posted it up top as "revision." The top specimen is the original, and the bottom has the adjustment.

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I've posted a new PDF at the bottom of the list. The numerals need more work, and I've removed the small caps, which I'm setting aside for later.

The S's are new, but I think they need to be thinner at the top yet.

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