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(x) Power Grid board game square sans - Russka {J. Edward Sanchez (self)}

I'm trying to identify the main typeface used in the 2004 German board game Power Grid:

I've found a few that are fairly close, including Liquor Store, Refrigerator, Flim, and Nicotine, but I'd like to find an exact match if one exists. I haven't found anything that has that distinctive X.

Apologies for the poor scan; the actual type is very clean and not distressed in the least. If it helps, there are some more examples in this photo gallery. Here's an image that features the full set of numerals.


Is it conceivable that this was custom designed for the game? I've done a lot of research into the digital fonts of this genre and never seen this one before.

Thanks for your informed reply, Stephen. There's a chance this is custom, although from what I've seen, there isn't much precedent for using custom fonts in eurogames. I don't think they typically sell well enough to justify the cost of commissioning a custom design; in fact, I often see them using free or very cheap fonts.

I'm still holding out hope that there is an exact match that is commercially available somewhere. If it turns out that there isn't, I would very much appreciate a pointer to the closest alternative.

After I started this thread, I decided to look up and write the person who did the art for the game, Maura Kalusky. This morning, I got a reply!

It turns out that the typeface is called Russka, and it was designed by none other than his girlfriend. (Maura Kalusky is male.) It's actually one of two fonts of hers that are used in the Power Grid design; the other one is called Waldmeister, and it's used for some of the text elements on the game box.

According to Mr. Kalusky, Russka "should have some kind of silkscreen aesthetics", while Waldmeister "looks like printing with rubber stamps". Both fonts are available for purchase through him for €50 each.

Thanks, Spire! His contact info?

I contacted him via the private messaging system ("GeekMail") on BoardGameGeek.

His BGG username is maura.