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East European Character Set

Hello to you all,

I am a young romanian designer having a huge problem and I seem to be lost …
So, I get straight to the point: some of my major clients who went through a rebranding programmme are such large organisations that the only way to deal with stationery (esp. Business Cards) was to provide an .eps vector template. In order for it to work, it needed a font with Romanian characters that aren’t available in most of the good-looking corporateID collateral appropriate fonts I have.
In fact, with my last client, a major printhouse, I transformed LegacySans and LegacySerif into their corporate fonts, changing the name to match the company’s name. Now, the T1 version of LegacySans works only in Illustrator and InDesign, (where wheights appear under style), but not in Word or CorelDraw. The font is installed under Win2000, as ATM sees only two of the 4 styles.

but the real problem is with LegacySerif, where, though it works equally well in Illustrator, Corel Word and so on, displaying the correct characters when addressed with Alt+number, it fails to do so when the RO keyboard layout is on … instead of such characters, I get rectangles. But if I change the layout to EN and back to RO, it starts to work out of blue … hmmm
could you please help me … I really have to deliver the project on time

thank you,

george // cellsius design