New Martha Stewart serif


Is it true that Tobias & Jonathan did it? (I know
they did some other MSL stuff, but not sure
whether they did this particular face.)

It’s quite lovely. Whimsical in a restrained,
refined way.

I don’t like the Roman very much, but the Italic is truly delish. BTW, if it’s true that MSL uses something called “gravure” for printing (where the text is rendered like pictures, not text), then if I ever had the good fortune of making a font for them, I wouldn’t spend too much time on that last bit of quality…


The slab serif is interesting, but I can’t say that I like it any better than the Joanna. But the all-caps made me think of PMN Caecilia, at first, which I do like a lot. I agree, the italic is nicely realized for the style — resembles FB’s Berlizio Italic.

Hrant, it’s not quite true that gravure renders text like pictures — at least, it’s not like what you might think in reference to offset litho halftones. I don’t know for sure, but I’d bet that the rasterization is just as high-res as rendering for offset. But the gravure process is intaglio: the ink is held in small depressions on the metal plate. Intaglio printing does not handle flat solids well. Solids are created through closely clustered depressions, sort of like very dense stippling. This is what causes the “fuzzy” edges.

But, the magazine is printed in a combination of offset for some sigs and gravure for others. So, if you ever design a face for them (yeah, right — maybe the Armenian edition? ;-) then you’d better go ahead and polish it off.

— K.

> yeah, right — maybe the Armenian edition?

Yeah, the venerable “Makrouhi Stevartian Abrousd”…


So yesterday I was at B&N and checked out an actual issue (after making sure nobody I knew was looking ;-) and I think the Roman actually works well in context, and the italic is still delish, but the repro did seem a bit “hazy”.


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