(x) "Chairman's" extended slab serif - (similar to) Hellenic Wide {Jan E}

I'm trying to find this exact font and maybe some others like it. Any ideas?


Thanks. I looked up these faces and found the most obvious difference in the apostrophe, but the sample I originally posted may be borrowing an apostrophe from another font. Another obvious difference is the treatment of the R. And overall they each have nuances that distinguish themselves.

Hellenic Wide (Veer):

Hefty (PC only -- no use to me)

58 Rodeo:


The more I look at them, the more I think none of these is exactly the face in the original sample, but they generally very close.

Where does your sample come from? How old is it?
If it’s from pre-digital times there might be no EXACT match.
The apostrophe may be a fake/wrong one (bad typesetting).

By the way, there was once a Mac version of Hefty, sold by Tiger Direct in the 90's, but the apostrophe looks like the Veer (Jukebox) sample.

- Mike Yanega

There's also Platon


but it's not exact either.

A search for "Hellenic Wide" on typophile leads to more threads, you might find something else in one of them