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FF Oneleigh

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Nick Shinn, 1999

Type designer Nick Shinn writes about his design: “During the early part of this century, prior to the ascendancy of sans serifs as the standard bearers of the avant garde, the leading edge types were oldstyles. Today, of course, their very outrageousness seems quaint, and their once daring construction has become too familiar to sustain interest. Yet at the time, typefaces like Goudy’s ‘Kennerly’, Benton and Cleland’s ‘Amsterdam Garamont’ and Koch’s ‘Antiqua’ were truly radical. For the design of Oneleigh, I took a little inspiration from each of these, mixed with some ideas of my own. The main goal was to produce an ‘alternate history’ 1920s typeface, with lots of original letterforms and details, and considerably more roughage than the majority of today’s PostScript oldstyle revivals, or the slew of bland ‘new’ oldstyles. Oneleigh is based on the assumption that, then as now, it is quite possible to remain within the bounds of the oldstyle genre, and yet take sufficient liberties to create a genuinely different type”.

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