(x) DigitalVisions 'Verve' ad - Missionary {Stephen}

Does any fellow Typophile know the name of this typeface.?
( It has been featured in a DigitalVision catalog, sent out by FontShop.. )
Thanks a lot, for your hints and your help..



Emigre Missionary by Mr Newlyn. I love it too. Best at 128 pt. and up.

Thank you, soooooo much, Mr. Coles..

You were a lot faster and more reliable than the sales people at FontShop.. :-)

That’s because we don’t do it for the money, but out of sheer
PASSION! (And also because we don’t have social lives =D )

Miles rewles!

Stewf, I really hate it when both the ID request and your
positive ID come in simultaneously with the e-mail
notification. I didn’t even get the chance to cross-post… ;)
You’re just too damn fast, pardner!

BTW Stewf, did you get a chance to look at the “witty remark” thread?

The sales people at FontShop are probably trained to pretend
Emigre doesn’t exist.

Link me, Yves.

Here id iz, chief!

Yeah, we used to carry Emigre. I didn’t notice when or why they
left the FontShop stable.