(x) black geometric "23" - Blippo, various {Jared, gang}

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anyone have any ideas about this little puppy:


i'm afraid these are the only characters i have.


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That's because you're not family.


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Funny Hrant.

Here are some alternatives:

Blippo Black from URW...

Elsner + Flake sells a 5 weight family
including a way cool "Triline" style. I think
Fontworks sells their stuff but type.co.uk is
down as I write this. Eyewire.com doesn't show
the E+F Pump.

Oops, wait... Precision Type has 'em all...

and here's a double line version by Mecanorma...

In short, for old school obscure foundries
like E+F, Mecanorma and URW++ you can always
check the big vendors:

AtomicType - http://www.atomictype.co.uk

PrecisionType - http://www.precisiontype.com/

MyFonts - http://www.myfonts.com

Fontworks - http://www.fontworks.co.uk/

FontShop - http://www.fontshop.com

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you rock my world!

thanks everyone

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I believe that is Pump, designed by Phillip Kelly, part of the ITC library. ($39.95)

The ITC site reads as follows:
Designed in the Letraset Type Studio in response to the renewed interest in the simple, geometric, sans serif Bauhaus style from earlier in this century. Pump has endured over twenty years and remains one of the best typefaces of this style in use today. For maximum effect, Pump should be set closely.


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Hmm. I also found a listing for the same font, sold through URW++ (http://www.urwpp.de). It says it's designed by Bob Newman and sells for $49 per weight. I couldn't find a family price.

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