Squashing Bugs til the Early Morn

After another long night, I think we've got the load averages on the server back to normal.

Some squashed bugs:

  • Repaired Edit links at the bottom of posts.
  • Fixed posting bug that prevented new forum threads and Typowiki articles.
  • Some serious MySQL tuning: MySQL was eating all of the processor and memory resources on the server. The memory was full, causing swap file paging, disk IO limits, cpu burn, and a flaming server death spiral. We are still working on a server upgrade, but in the mean time, the site is at least working as well as it was before.
  • Enabled much more aggressive caching: Users that aren't logged in won't always get the freshest view (within a few minutes), but the site is faster for everyone.
  • Forum statistics are now correct.
  • Fixed insert image bug (the images are no longer trying to post to my laptop).

Some new features:

This update was more of a platform update than a features update. Even so, there are a bunch of subtle tweaks that are going to make Typophile even more time consuming.

  • Projects and Resources pages aren't greyed out!
  • Typowiki pages now display a revision history. Anonymous users can view the revisions, and logged in users can revert the revisions.
  • Typowiki revisions have a new field to add a comment explaining why they are making an edit. Now edit wars will be transparent to end users. (Not that we have that problem).
  • New tagging system for Typowiki pages. (More to come around that in the future).
  • Everyone has blogs. Blogging is more fun in a community. If you are interested in posting on a type blog, but don't want to build an audience by posting every single day, why not collaborate? Readers can see the whole mix of Typophile blogs at typophile.com/blog or they can read/subscribe to just your posts.
  • The CSS is just better. For example, the News page is actually decipherable now.
  • The code base is more standards compliant. Flash page titles display as h2 tags when flash isn't installed, or when search bots are looking at them.
  • Home page modules move out of the way so you can read the last 10 comments. Key left or right to flip through them.
  • New system for featuring sponsored fonts. Right now the site is featuring the Beorcana family by Carl Crossgrove.
  • No lame fake IM. If you want to contact someone, you can still use the contact form.


I didn't hate the old fake IM. But I can't get tooo worked up about missing it.

Thank you very much for all your hard work!

Great job Christian. :^)

Christian, we all owe you a lot - thank you.

> you can still use the contact form.

Except it's turned off by default.
Why not make it an opt-out deal instead?


Everything is looking great. I love the new front page. Very sexy.

Thanks for your hard work and sorry to seem like I'm grousing... but...

I miss the IM - and know I am not the only one who does. Not sure I want that stuff coming into my email. Plus I had saved some of the IMs I had received because they had info/links in them and now they're just lost.

Can I make a request? That the next time there is a planned upgrade maybe you post a thread giving us a heads up and asking users what they want/don't want? These threads circulate periodically but I also feel like some of the requests I've seen repeatedly (for example when you add a post to a multi-page thread it snaps you back to page one rather than to the most recent posts) weren't addressed.

It is much faster already, thanks, but there's something weird going on on the right side of the window - multiple artifacts, etc. I'm using Safari.

Peruse the blogs to find out who is Hranting.


Thanks for lightening up the headers. Much better.

Nice improvements overall, Christian!

I solution to the missing IMs might be the sort of messaging system that is often standard with forum software. It works like email in that there is an in- and out-box and messages are archived, but is accessed only within the site.