Canadian Atlas, and War Posters

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I tried to post these last week, but something went south. These are some examples of nice typography in the form of old atlas covers, and WWII posters.


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Interesting for me, especially if opposed by german WWII propaganda. Thanks for that, Dan!

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great links.

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The war posters really evoked some crazy feelings in me. I can't imagine living in a time when literature of that nature was common, and found on any random corner.
If you dig through the parent site for those two pages, you can find some more great gems, although it's really difficult to get to some of the content.

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When I worked at the Weyburn (Sask) Review, I once leafed through the archives, and found that during the WWII years, many articles were circled in pencil with the words "Propaganda" written over them. The publisher of the time (who was of the journalist type, not the businessman type) had gone through and marked them as such so that future generations would not mistake these for "real news". Apparently the propaganda machine was quite active then.

It is the times, no doubt. That may be why the men of that generation have so much trouble with war protestors of the 60s and today. (Of course, while I am a pacifist myself, I think that WWII is the one war since Waterloo that "needed" to be fought.)

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